On the Eve of becoming an Official Author

Last Post I said I was an Author…not true.  I was really excited that my book Rose Colored Glasses was posted on Goodreads and I had an “Author page on Goodreads”, but the reality is that until the book is actually published, I’m not an official Author.

Today I am a writer, tomorrow I will be an author with the Launch of the eBook.  The print book will be released on May 12th.
Both can be purchased on Amazon Order on Amazon
I sit here tonight reflecting on the journey and feeling happy that I accomplished this minor feat.  Today, anyone can write a book and publish it.  Yesteryear there was a mystique and notoriety to being a author, some would become famous.  In some circles that is still true every day of the week.
Do I feel like I will be famous?  I think not!  I’m just ecstatic to make it to this finish line and look forward to the future.  This trek has included many other titles along the way including Student (learning the craft of writing), Reader (reading every book that could help me learn more including other memoirs), Researcher (finding out facts of the publishing industry), Guinea Pig (being in book groups having my work critiqued), Salesperson (selling my book to agents and publishers and buyers), Marketer (learning how to market my book).  I feel the same, just slightly wiser about the world around me.
This was very similar to my Art journey when I plunged into that world grabbing every bit of information that I could find to learn the art of being an artist.  That journey took me far and wide around the world learning and painting to try to improve my results.  I relate both of these experiences as learning how to grow, expand horizons, meet new people and enjoy this amazing world that we live in.  My publishing path is really just starting and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
I must admit that I am feeling a bit nostalgic for the story and the memories of Rose Colored Glasses which captured 14 years of my life, but I’m ready to give them to the world, be an Author and start writing my next book.
Thank you for being part of my journeys.
Jo Ann

It’s Official, I’m an Author

Hello Everyone,

It has been too long since I posted last, but here I am saying hello, and hip, hip hoorah!  It is now official that I am an author instead of just a writer.  But, I am still a writer as well.  My book Rose Colored Glasses is now on Goodreads with my official author page.  Here is the link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40035809-rose-colored-glasses

RoseColoredGlasses_CVR_XSMLToday I received my first Ask the Author Question from my author page on Goodreads.  The question was “How do you get inspired to write?”.  This was my answer:

“I get inspired by every day events that are meaningful. The could be good, bad or funny, if it made an impression on me it’s something that I want to write about. Sometimes, I will just sit down and write to really capture the moment, or just add it to my list of writing to do’s.”

So, here I am writing on my blog about being an author and feeling great about my accomplishment.  It is not for sale yet, but will be very soon.  May 17th is the tentative publication date for the ebook and the print book will be released June 12th.  It is all very exciting and surreal.

The writing process is my favorite part of it all, but it has its lonely moments when I need to get out and about to get new inspiration.  The marketing part is crazy with too much to do, but that is fun stuff.  I am really looking forward to meeting people who are interested in my story, having book signings and spreading my message of being positive wearing those Rose Colored Glasses.

I am looking forward to posting more often with all of the inspiration in the air.



Indie or Traditional…that is the question

On this Independence Day weekend, I am extremely excited to announce that I will be an Independent Published Author.  I am in the process of self publishing my book Rose Colored Glasses.  Yeah!  I am free of the traditional, provincial, slow motion way of  publishing, so I can get an important message in the form of my book out to the world.

I am not putting down traditional publishing, I was on that track.  But, it is not the right path for me.  I am someone who loves to move about freely, and make my own decisions.  As my loving husband Tom, always told me, “Do what you want to do, Be who you want to be, and Go where you want to go”.  I am doing just that, whether it is successful or not, it feels right and good.

The Indie world is very exciting too.  The myriad of options for methods of publishing and marketing can be overwhelming, but extremely logical and doable.  The best part is that there is a warm welcome from all the other Indie published authors.  I have joined a large family that I feel comfortable and appreciated in.

Keep and eye out, with those Rose Colored Glasses on, for an official publication date.

Check out my website at http://www.joann-simon.com for a sneak peek.

Enjoy the weekend, and our independence!!!!!



Blizzard 2017 – Time to Reflect

It is snowing sideways, covering the windows so you could hardly see the snow growing into huge mounds, but it is cozy and comfy inside with a fire in the fireplace, glass of wine and time to reflect on the future and the past.  This is a bonus day!  It makes me feel like I could be retired, and what it would feel like.

My apologies for not posting since November, but life has been very full for me.  My experiences and things that I will be writing about in the future…

  • I finished my memoir ‘Rose Colored Glasses’.  It is currently out to publishers….yeah!
  • I visited Paris for the first time over New Year’s Eve…loved it!
  • I have a new Granddaughter, who is gorgeous and healthy….pics to follow
  • I started painting again and will share my paintings with you
  • I am happy to be me.


Reflecting today has helped me to appreciate my life.  Last week I couldn’t even imagine this peacefulness.  I think the wine helps too.  Try it sometime, maybe without a blizzard.  Cheers to you!






Happy Sunday!

These fall days are the ones that make Sunday’s extra special.  A crispness in the air and cozy sweaters and scarves that keep our souls warm.  These Sundays beg for something warm and sunny for my breakfast.  Here is an extra easy recipe that I hope you will love too.     Easy Egg Puff  – egg-puff-3I chose asparagus, any veg will do        Preheat oven to 425, place 10″ cast iron skillet in oven.        Mix 4 large eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup flour, add 1/2 cup shredded cheese, fontina or what you have.                         Steam asparagus for 5 min, toss in ice bath, dry.                    egg-puff-1Add 2 Tablespoons of butter to hot skillet, line up asparagus, salt pepper, add your favorite herb if you would like into skillet.                                                 Pour egg mixture over veg,  sprinkle with parmesan cheese, into the oven for 20 minutes. egg-puff-2

Make your coffee, get the paper, turn on good tunes, Enjoy!                                                                                                                           This is a healthy fun dish that I hope you make and love too!  egg-puff-4



Finding An Old Friend

How does it feel to run into an old friend?  Most times it feels good.  It brings back memories of times that were fun, exotic, silly, happy, or sad.  It could be a person, place or thing that you meet up with.  If it happens when you least expect it, a delightful, Deja vu’ encounter reminds you of how life used to be.

I was visiting a good friend recently and happened upon this painting of me.  It captured my attention and memories of a wonderful time in my life.  I had forgotten this and many other paintings that I had created.  But this one, an early Jo Ann Simon, showed my carefree love of life in the ‘princess bed’ that I chose at our house rental.  It makes me want to paint again.

It was my first visit to Key West with my artist friends, but not my last.  I painted it upon my return, sold it, and quickly forgot the innocence that I once had.  I have created many pieces of art that were dear friends forgotten, but loved at the same time. I hope to find more old friends and savor them.  I hope you do too.  Happy Monday!